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Cholesterol Articles, Tips and Information

Stress Can Cause High Cholesterol Levels

Nowadays in this fast paced world and changing lifestyle majority of the people are in the burden of stress. Stress has become an integral part of every human being and they try to find the ways to lower it down significantly. Being everyone stressed out, now it has become very important in how to react in these situations. Many people either fall prey to this stress or succumb to this ever raising tension. It has been noticed that people who are generally stressed out tend to develop various diseases like ulcers, chronic diseases and even heart diseases.

Researchers have concluded that people suffering from prolonged mental stress tend to produce more cholesterol in comparison to a normal man.

Cholesterol is nothing but a waxy, lipid substance circulating in the human body providing fat and guarding the arteries. It not only produces sex hormones but also provide much required fat to the body. There has been a significant increase in the deaths related to cholesterol and its related diseases. Scientifically it has not been proved that why increased stress leads to high level of cholesterol. But yes it is true that cholesterol level increases by two to three percent during the stressful situations.


It has been witnessed that at the time of stress and tension people tend to smoke or drink more than usual which leads to increase in cholesterol level. So they are usually informed to avoid drinking and smoking at this point of time so that they don't invite heart diseases with open arms. These days people feel stressed out in every situation whether its job stress, family tensions or even any financial crisis. It's just that how to maintain to your mental status at that point of time is of prime concern.


So if you feel stressed out and tensed then instead of panicking go for some light exercises which can release your tension and can make you feel more relaxed and keeps your temperament cool.


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Watch Your Cholesterol Level


A high cholesterol level leads to hardening of arteries, which in turn, may lead to heart disease or attack. Keep your intake of food healthy, limit the amount of sugar you eat, and have your cholesterol checked. If it is higher than 200, ask your doctor for ways to reduce it.


If you want to calculate you're the fat part of your body, write down how much you weigh (be honest - no one will see this but you).


If you think about losing weight, more importantly than weight is the amount of body fat you are carrying around. This fat is measured with what is called Body Mass Index, or BMI. For women, if you are fit, your percent of fat should range from 21% to 31%. If you are in incredible shape, that could be as low as 10%. For men, fit should be between 14% and 25%, and excellent shape, as low as 2%.


Multiply your weight by 703. Next, write down your height, in inches. Multiply by that same number. Then you will divide your weight number by your height number. That is your BMI. For example, if your weight were 150 pounds x 703, your weight answer would be 105,450. If your height is 5'4", that would be 64 inches x 64 for a total of 4,096. Taking the 105,450 divided by 4,096, you come out with a BMI of 25.7.


Read Food Labels Carefully

You should get into a habit of reading the labels on food. While they may have messages such as "Low Fat" or "Reduced Calorie" written all over the front of the package or can, when you read the label and understand what you are looking for, you will probably be surprised. Regardless of what the claim may be, the label may tell another story. The FDA provides these important guidelines, therefore, should be what you look for. If the message and label do not jive, move on to a different product.


Low Cholesterol: 20 mg or less cholesterol per serving and 2 grams or less saturated fat per serving

Cholesterol-Free: Less than 2 mg cholesterol per serving, and 2 grams or less saturated fat per serving

Sugar-Free: Less than 0.5 grams of sugar per serving

High-Fiber: 5 grams or more fiber per serving

Less fat: 25% or less fat than the comparison food

Low fat: 3 grams or less of fat per serving

Light (fat): 50% or less of the fat than in the comparison food (ex: 50% less fat than our regular cheese)



Less than 0.5 grams of fat per serving, with no added fat or oil



Less than 10 grams of fat, 4.5 g of saturated fat, and 95 mg of cholesterol per (100 gram) serving of meat, poultry or seafood


Extra Lean:

Less than 5 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, and 95 mg of cholesterol per (100 gram) serving of meat, poultry or seafood


Saturated Fat Free: Less than 0.5 grams of saturated fat and 0.5 grams of trans-fatty acids per serving

Low Sodium: 140 mg or less per serving

Very Low Sodium: 35 mg or less per serving

Sodium-Free or Salt-Free: Less than 5 mg of sodium per serving

Reduced Calorie: At least 25% fewer calories per serving than the comparison food

Low Calorie: 40 calories or less per serving

Light (calories): 1/3 fewer calories than the comparison food


Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet marketer who enjoys to write about weight loss and fitness issues like fast weight loss and decrease cholesterol level with high protein food. Check out his website


Cholesterol and Women

Cholesterol is becoming a serial killer and targeting women too. With the recent survey it was confirmed that every year almost 500,000 American women dies due to high cholesterol and its related disease. Nowadays men and women are going head to head in terms of cholesterol level and giving each other a tough fight. Earlier times it was only men who were at the risk of high cholesterol but now with changing lifestyle and eating habits women are too catching up. Approximately there are 56 million American women who are at the stage of having high cholesterol. This sudden increase has created a rage among women as it is going at very high speed.

American Health Association has confirmed these statistics and also stated that with these changing trends now women are under more threat in comparison to the men.

Women usually have higher High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) in their body in comparison to men. This HDL is said to be good cholesterol but ones this cholesterol starts falling Low Density Lipoproteins is on raise. This usually happens at the time when women start consuming unhygienic and fatty diet. So they are always advised to do constant exercises and body movements in order to be fit and in shape. Cholesterol generally rises in the women body during and after the pregnancy. In pregnancy women are advised to go in for healthy and rich diet but they take it as misconception and starts consuming fatty and oily diet. However it is good to intake them but they should be accompanied with exercises.


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This consumed fat gradually settles at the arteries and its surrounding walls resulting in cardiovascular disease. After pregnancy in order to gain health and fitness women are advised to consume more food. This again uncontrolled and unhygienic diet is the road towards heart disease. Experts always advise women to do constant exercises and body movements so that the extra fat settled around arteries gets burned. It has been noticed that waist, thighs and biceps are the major areas where the fat settles. So it is wise for women to do exercises targeting these areas.


So if you're pregnant women or recently gave a birth to a baby then this is the time to pull up your socks and gear up for some body exercises. Hard work and exercise at this time is the road to healthy life and happy living.


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Cholesterol and Diabetes


Cholesterol is the waxy, fatty and lipid solution circulating in the body. Its main function is to provide much required fat to the body and also produce sex hormones. Apart from fat providing, it also creates a protective coating to the arteries and its surrounding walls.


Whereas diabetes is the condition when the body is unable to produce and use the insulin. Broadly talking insulin is the hormone that converts sugar, starch and various other foods into energy required by the body. According to the experts diabetes can be the possible reason for the high cholesterol. It has been seen in various situations that diabetes tends to be the root for high level cholesterol in the future especially for the children who are suffering from diabetes since childhood.


Cholesterol is actually said to follow diabetes. It has been evidential that diabetes generally weakens body's immune system which results in concentration of high cholesterol not only in arteries but also to its surrounding walls. According the latest survey it was revealed that people having diabetes from an infant age are more prone to high cholesterol and its related diseases. Diabetes not only increases the risk of high cholesterol but also obstructs a person from having cholesterol reduction pills. Because maximum cholesterol reduction pills have sugar this gives a dealt blow to the person health. It is also noticed that people likely to inherit diabetes from their parents at an infant age and in their adulthood they succumb to high level cholesterol.


Few experts feel that sometime diabetes may not be the root cause for cholesterol but people who are diabetic and over that they smoke and drinks this makes them more prone to high cholesterol in comparison to only diabetic person. Diabetes not only increases cholesterol level but also makes the person obese and overweight. It is also seen that chronic high blood glucose level in the body sometime leads to narrowing of arteries and blocking the normal blood circulation. Researchers have confirmed that high diabetes is the doorway to coronary heart disease or CHD which results when diabetes is teemed with high cholesterol level.


The best way to control cholesterol level in a diabetic body is to consume the balanced diet teemed with exercises and various body movements. By seeing this sudden increase in diabetes and cholesterol related diseases nowadays you can also find the pills which can be taken by diabetic people without much worry. Statins are the only medications which can be consumed by a diabetic person without much hassle. So just relax, follow a strict diet, exercise regularly and live a healthy and happy life.


The author is budding web content writer and has much experience in writing quality content for many websites. You can view his blog for more information.


Age old ayurvedic remedy to check that extra cholesterol


Nowadays cholesterol has become a serious threat by claiming almost 46% of deaths around the world that too due to cholesterol and coronary heart diseases. Cholesterol is nothing but a fatty, waxy and lipid substance circulating in the body in bloodstream providing the fat required by the body. Generally this fat travels in the body through packages known as lipoproteins. Broadly talking there are two types of lipoproteins known as High Density Lipoproteins and Low Density Lipoproteins. High Density Lipoproteins or good cholesterol is produced in the body and act as a synthesizer. It breaks down the complex and bigger particles of cholesterol in to pieces before transporting it to the liver.


Whereas low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol is harmful to the body as it increase the risk of various heart diseases. It not only affects the liver but also creates muscular malfunctioning. These days by sensing the sudden increase majority of the company have jumped into the market in order to produce best and trusted cholesterol reduction medicines. Generally these medicines are attached with array of side effects which are loss of hunger, indigestion and lack of energy. But in this whole lot there are still some medicines whose are more refined and provide best results. Ayurveda is one medicine which has shown its prominence in the available lot.

Hyperlipidaemia is one medicine which has ruled the roost for long. It is one medicine which has no side effects but only benefits. It is the combination of many herbs and shrubs which in all make this medicine. This medicine not only lowers down the cholesterol but also increases good cholesterol along with the enhancement of energy. It takes mere two months for this medicine to show its prominence.


Another most widely used medicine is guggulu. This medicine and its native plant are found in India and have been in vicinity for ages. Its gum resin contains a bitter taste which breaks down the cholesterol particles into pieces and transporting them to liver for further metabolism. Being the purest form ayurvedic medicine generally have no side effects and are natural in state. Being the purest form they not only refine the body but also remove that extra cholesterol concentrated on the arteries. So if you have high cholesterol and thinking to take some medicine, then just zero yourself on ayurveda as it can remove all your plaque and cholesterol.


The author is budding web content writer and has much experience in writing quality content for many websites. You can view his blog for more information.

Obesity and Cholesterol in kids

Nowadays obesity is becoming serious problem within the kids. It has been revealed in the survey that almost 65% of infant population is said to be suffering from obesity and its related diseases. According to the experts obesity is the base which leads to high cholesterol in the higher ages. Lack of proper care and attention over children always leads them to many diseases for which parents can't even repent in the future. It has been noticed that obese or overweight children are more prone to cholesterol and its related diseases. They not only suffer from cholesterol related but also from many heart and cardiovascular diseases.


Obesity can be defined as the accumulation of extra fat in the body which results in imbalance of bodily movements and also open the doorway for many diseases. According to the experts obesity is the root of many cholesterol related diseases and if proper monitoring is not given it can prove fatal. Cholesterol and obesity are inter-related as they follow a chain in which one follows the other. Obesity not only leads to high cholesterol but also invites various other diseases too. It has been said that nowadays many parents have started monitoring the diet of their children and also make them exercise so that there is no accumulation fat and cholesterol in the body. They are made to eat the food having minimum oil and fat so that their cholesterol level always remains in control.


Obese children are made to follow strict fitness regime so that their fat piling up gets limited and they can have more healthy life. The best way to avoid cholesterol concentration is to make them do some bodily movements so that their body remains in motion and keeps on performing some actions. Obesity not only brings high cholesterol but also brings high blood pressure, diabetes and many more diseases which become a threat in higher age. According to the general physicians giving weight reducing pills to infant can be more dangerous as their body is not that developed which can counter the side effects of these weight reducing pills. Instead of this make them do some exercises or set a strict food diet so that their weight gets reduced in a natural manner.


So if you're parent having an obese and over weight child then instead of panicking simply go for a natural way to reduce his weight and set the new tone of his life.


The author is budding web content writer and has much experience in writing quality content for many websites. You can view his blog for more information.


Cholesterol is the most familiar and popular word in the medical arena. Everyone knows something about it but they don't have concrete information. Usually people think cholesterol is a bad and unwanted substance but the reality has some other face. Cholesterol is said to be the fatty substance found in the blood circulation of the human body. It is said to be every important substance in the human body as it also produces cell membranes and performs other needed bodily functions. It not only veils the nerves in the human body but also held responsible for making up of your sex hormones. However brain, liver and spinal cord are said to be the hot spots where this cholesterol concentrates.


And these are the persons who tend to get heart attack within the span of short time once their cholesterol level reaches sky high. People falling in this category are mainly advised to do some stress busting exercises and are told to eat more green and fresh vegetables teemed with less fat and oil in it. These people are generally taught to learn few quick and small stress busting tricks so that they can use it whenever they feel stressed out.


According to the human body's psychic there is enough cholesterol present inside the body but still majority of the people intake more cholesterol by consuming fatty products. Cholesterol slowly builds up in and around the blood vessels and act as an obstacle in the normal blood circulation.


Generally cholesterol and other fats don't dissolve in the blood that's why they are carried to and from the cells by the special carriers called lipoproteins. In broader terms there are primarily two types of lipoproteins known as Low Density Lipoproteins and High Density Lipoproteins. Low Density Lipoproteins are also known as 'bad' cholesterol as too much of it can lead to blocking of the arteries which results in heart attack. Whereas High Density Lipoprotein is said to be 'good' cholesterol and it is made inside the body and it carries the cholesterol away from the arteries.


It has been said that too much of anything is not good same applies in cholesterol too as its excessive quantity is said to be the main source of many heart diseases. Hypercholesterolemia is the term used for high level of blood cholesterol.

Experts feel that wrong eating habit and unhygienic diet is the main reason behind the increase of cholesterol. It has been said that if your cholesterol level is 240 or more then you are usually at a high risk of cholesterol. According to the latest survey it has been stated that almost 20% of Americans are close to high cholesterol level and around 70 million Americans are already affected with cardiovascular disease.


It has been popularly quoted that prevention is better than cure. If you're in middle 40's then try to reduce the intake of fatty foods as it not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease but also increases your life span. Apart from the waxy and fatty food the lavish lifestyle too is to be blamed. So if you want to live long and healthy life then it is always advisable to consume the food having controlled cholesterol and fats.


The author is budding web content writer and has much experience in writing quality content for many websites. You can view his blog for more information.


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